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'The only art that's completely unique to film is editing.'  Stanley Kubrick
The Kleptocrats
The Kleptocrats

Feature Documentary 2018

A Malaysian wealth fund is looted of US$3.5 billion. With little to go on, dogged investigative reporters from The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Hollywood Reporter retrace the dirty money, via real estate deals and movie financing including “The Wolf of Wall Street”, back to the top echelons of the Malaysian government.

Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable
Back to the Wild


Treasures from the Wreck
of the Unbelievable

A DAMIEN HIRST FILM for Netflix 2017

This cinematic journey into the waters off East Africa chronicles the story behind artist Damien Hirst's massive exhibition of oceanic treasures.

Director: Sam Hobkinson

Guinness 'Made of Black'
GUINNESS 'Made of Black'

Commercials 2017

Working with directors Wilkins & Maguire (STINK) and agency AMV BBDO  for Guinness. These three uplifting ‘Made of Black’ stories celebrate individuals who are showing unexpected character in the world of football, and inspiring those around them.



Dying Laughing
Dying Laughing

Feature Documentary 2016

Featuring Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Amy Schumer, Kevin Hart, Bob Saget, Jamie Foxx, Sarah Silverman, Jerry Lewis, Steve Coogan, Bobby Lee, & the late Garry Shandling, DYING LAUGHING is a candid look inside the agony and ecstasy of making people laugh for a living.

Misha - Work in Progress
Misha's Story 

Feature Documentary Pilot 2016

A holocaust memoir is revealed to be fake, written to mask an even more audacious deception.


This film project is under development and scheduled for 2019.

Director Sam Hobkinson


As an art student in the early nineties I had my Eureka moment. I discovered film editing. The thrill of putting images, music and narrative together to create a story was a revelation: if I wanted to really say something in film then I had found a magic key.

As an assistant editor I made early forays into drama and fiction but documentary films soon became a passion.

Over the years my career has developed into feature documentary work and high-end TV. My work has achieved festival and industry awards including RTS editing nominations and Emmy and Grieson recognition.


In 2003 I won the BAFTA Award for editing for SAS: Iranian Embassy Siege and most recently 8 Days to The Moon and Back has been nominated for an Emmy.

I try to seek out a broad diversity of work that keeps me curious and intrigued: I want to discover the emotional and human arc of a story as well as the clarity and simplicity. I have a truly collaborative approach and I enjoy helping to take the story, the visual experience and the viewer experience to the next level.



Tel: +44 (0) 7974396949
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